вторник, 25 август 2015 г.

Peacock Decals from Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Tonight I have something very special for you - full nail water decals in amazing abstract peacock pattern. These are one of the newest ones by Born Pretty Store. First of all - be mercyful with your Red Frog - it's my first time using such a nail art decoration. Second - guess who is beyond proud of the well done job with the decals? Your Red Frog of course... I was pretty sure the mess will be huge and the result poor but hey! it all went smooth and really easy. Let's take a look and we'll talk again.
 Great ah? I'm really pleased with the end result. The pattern is so beautiful and suit great with my nail shape. I'm sure I'll take a look at the 'decals' section at the store for more of these. Born Pretty Store has an amazing selection of patterns and images for their decals - I'm sure there is something for every taste.
 It wasn't so scary to play with full nail water decals. Not at all. Well, I have to admit there were a few minutes of geting myself together but after the first cut from the sheet it all came easy as a pie. 
 Me - happy! You - like it?
Hope so:)
Used - 
Brooklin 3 - white creme polish - one coat as a base for the decals
P2 Pool Side Party 010 Blue lagoon
Born Pretty Store neon flatback square studs
 Don't forget to use a -10% coupon code TM2X31!
All yours,
Red Frog

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