петък, 4 септември 2015 г.

School time with A-England and L'Oreal !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….
There are less than 2 weeks until my daughter’s first day in 4th grade and all the thrills are ready to explode. Wondering what to put on my nails at that special day I surprisingly found the photos of the mani I’ve made last year for the same occasion. Yeah, I know…. One year later is a bit longer even for me but what can I do – the folder probably had been ‘lost in the script’.
As you can see on the photos the mani is mostly in yellow and green – these were the colors of the uniforms in her school last year. As a good mom I’ve wanted to make her happy with dressing myself in the same colors and of course with a mani in the same theme.
This year the pupils will be dresses in deep blue with accents in bright orange and pastel yellow – a better color combo for sure. So when the time comes I’ll show you how your Red Frog, a proud mom of a 4th grade girl manage with that palette on her nails. Now let’s see the photos.
 It’s not one of my best presentation but the kid was enough happy with it. To be honest I did like it too because the colors were not the typical for me. Let’s hope to do it much better this September.

Used –
 L'Oreal  Color Riche 613 Blue reef
A-England St.George
Acrylic paints, fine brush
All yours,
Red Frog

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