петък, 16 октомври 2015 г.

Born Pretty Store Silver Leaves foil - my fail !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….

I feel completely clumsy this time. You’ll ask Why? Well, I’ll start with a little intro.
Few days ago I’ve received some goodies from Born Pretty Store and of course I was truly elated to start playing with them. Of course I've wanted to start with these gorgeous silver leaves with some holographic sparkle around.
This meant to be my first attempt with BPS’snail art foils and the thrill was inexpressible. I’ve searched about some tutorials around the web and all looked to be easy.... But it wasn't. 
At first I've thought it's just a foil, ok? Polish the nails, put the foil while the polish has not dry at full and press gently. Nothing. Try with a thin coat of top coat, wait a bit and press the foil again. Just a little part of the image transfers on to the nail surface. There is no feather nor a leaf on the claws - just an odd parts of them were transfered. Ugh. And worst of all - the pressing part - no matter how gentle I've tried to do it there were still smashed spots on my polish. You won't believe what an amount of top coat was used for this mani.....
I've felt like a real dumb. Please if anyone can give any good directions about how to create a good transfered image with that kind of foils please speak now. I want to see these gorgeous leaves and feather and some more on my claws. I will definitely give a second, third or even forth try to that kind of nail foils for sure. There are so amazing patterns on Born Pretty Store I want to try on.... Just have to learn how to deal with the foils.
So, about the foils - sorry, lovelies - it's my fail.
Used - 
China glaze Bump in the Night
Essence Color&go 139 walk on the wild side
Zoya Pixie dust Dahlia
Born Pretty Store transfer foil 
All yours,
Red Frog

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