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Damask pattern for #WNAC2015 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….
Today I’m going to show you my next mani for #wnac2015 for the Damask theme. I was thrilled enough to sketch a huge number of designs for this mani but at the end it all went into the wrong direction. I’ve thought why not to try stamping? And that’s not all. I’ve been too self-confident and tried to make a decals instead of using the regular stamping method. Yeah, I know…. No one likes the  swagger. I’m not good at stamping and I admit it. I thought making decals with my stamper and some clear top coat with be much easier. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well, it wasn’t.
First the images didn’t transfer on the stamper as smooth as they should. Then when the clear top coat was dry enough so I can be able to remove my so called decal from the stamper it just curled as as a little tube. Pff, my English is not good enough to turn all those emotions into clear and comprehensible line of words. At the final, it was too damn hard to put those stupid decals on my nails without making too much wrinkles and crinkles. And that’s not all. When I looked at my ‘decorated’ nails I have realized the pattern is miles away from representing Damask. It was just quite ordinary pattern – nice and ….not Damask. I’ve realized it was a much better idea to draw something even not delicate as the stamped image but at least more theme appropriate.

See? The contrast between the colors is not as strong as I’ve wanted. The shades I’ve used are truly beautiful on their own and next to each other but don’t give the right effect. Too sad for the inspirational theme. I’m thinking of re-do in the future but with more contrast colors and of course – with skills improved. I hope.
That’s all. My Damask pattern for #wnac2015.

Used –
Catrice Dirty berry
Color Club Wild at heart
Golden Rose Color Expert 37
Girly bits Ho-ho-hope
 Born Pretty Store BP-05
Born Pretty Store BP-21
All yours,
Red Frog

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