неделя, 11 октомври 2015 г.

Lemonails !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
When life gives you lemons - make yourself some lemonade. Well, if you don't have the time to squeez all thge lemons - do some nail art instead.
This lemon idea was on my mind for quite a while and no matter the summer has ended my lemons are finally where they belong - on the claws. Looks like I'm in some kind of fruity/vegetable inspired period - chilli peppers, lemons and who knows what else. Enjoy the lemonails because it's all about the inspiration.
I'm open for all fruity/vegetable ideas you want to share with me. I have an idea for a really odd nail art series inspired by my favorite foods but fir now it's just an idea. We'll see what will happen.....
Used - 
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526
Barielle Auro Angora
acrylic paint, fine brush
All yours,
Red Frog

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