сряда, 21 октомври 2015 г.

Killer couple by Essence - The Darks !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Halloween is knocking on our doors and your Red Frog is in a great mood for creepy stuff. What better way to turn the heat on than some cold blooded hand painted nail art? And what better way to make it even better than round it out with some bloody red and black of course? But not some ordinary black creme...No no no. This time my black is more mysterious with eerie stone cold finish. Let me introduce you to Essence The Darks/two of them but I'll definitely take home the third one too/ - 15 red i am and 20 turn on the black. This duo is definitely a must have for dark shade lovers like me. Essence, guys, you really know how to pamper my poor nail polish addicted soul. Thank you.
And now my redrum mani -  
 Let me show you the poor left hand of mine - those nails have not been photographed for a very long time.... As you can see I've been cheating a bit - there's no free hand nail art here. But I can explain if it's needed. Just look at the gorgeous Darks by Essence - 'red i am' and 'turn on the black'. OMG. I know we all look mostly at fall shades when it's up to nail polish colors. I know red and black are not something we haven't seen but come on - these Darks are killer couple! I just can't say which one I love most. I just can say I would kill for both of them... well, not literally. Can you?   
Used - 
Essence Nude Glam 06 Cookies&cream
Essence The Darks 15 red i am
Essence The Darks 20 turn on the black
acrylic paint, fine brush
All yours,
Red Frog
*No one has been killed or hurt to help this mani:)

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