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#DressMyNails with Cocomelody vol.4 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's been a while since the last #DressMyNailsSeries post but finally the time has come. My friends from Cocomelody have sent a letter full of inspiration and to be honest a little part of me took a moment to dream about a romantic white wedding.... Silly frog. 
What has inspired me this time you'll ask? 
One great guy has told me once something about women's backs... Let your imagination free for more details.... So, it's all about the backless Wedding Dresses - feminine, bold and extremely sexy. If I ever make this big step in my life I will definitely wear dress like these I've saw on the store.
How gorgeous a dress can be?
That gorgeous.
After all wedding dreams the idea about the mani was born. I've wanted to make something bold, artistic.... I was extremely close to putting strong red shade on my nails because.... just because these sexy backless wedding dresses deserve it. After few minutes of thinking I've decided the mani will look better in white and gold. 
 Hope you, lovelies, like both the dresses and the nail art design. There are lot more beautiful dresses at Cocomelody store and if you need few moments to dream go and take a look. Dreams are free. If you are preparing your own wedding - well, your time has come - there's great sale right now.

 All yours,
Red Frog

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