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#DressMyNails with FashionMia dresses for women vol.8 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
#DressMyNails series are moving on with the next nail art design inspired by few fantastic dresses for women I've found online while ago. It's colorful, abstract and simple - you need few neon shades, pure white creme and few drops of acetone. The rest is your imagination. 
 If I keep on looking for an inspiration at such a great stores like FashionMia probably I'll end up with a new obsession - fashion clothing. Options are endless for sure. Just look at these cool dresses here -
 Let's take a look at the left hand - it doesn't have the chance to be photographed so often as her right mate. This time I've decided to use different techniques just because I wasn't able to choose just one of them. I feel extremely inspired by all the funky dresses for women at the store - so many cool patterns, intense colors and
 The bright bold shades are one of the best choices for cheering up yourself for a day or two. When you compliment them with cool looking dress - well, it's time to party! Go check the sale section at FashionMia  - there are tons of gorgeous fashion clothing for all occasions you can imagine.

Used -  
Flormar FC01 Over the Alps
Flormar FC9 Gotta Get Tanned
Flormar FC47 Lemonchello
Flormar FC25 Utopia Vacation 

All yours,
Red Frog

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