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#DressMyNails with Mariacommunion vol.7 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's been a while since the last #DressMyNails series and I have something really special to show you. 
The first communion is one of the greatest moments for the catholic families. As an Orthodox christian I'm not quite familiar with it but has always been amazed with its sacrament and celebrating preparations. 
For this design I was inspired by the first communion dresses and the feelings they bring to  both parents and their young daughters. I've wanted something really delicate and tender to compliment the holy statement of the ritual. Girls communion dresses have an elegant and glamorous look that makes me bring the best of my skills as an artist. Hope I've done it well.
Here are few of my favorite white communion dresses I've found on Mariacommunion. The line, the silhouette and the emotions they bring are so delicate and clear. That's what I was trying to recreate on my nails. Pure tenderness.

 I'm sure my little daughter will find this ceremony too official but the communion dresses will bring the princess factor on the surface for sure.

Used - 
Catrice Luxury Nudes Magical Nude
white acrylic paint

*design inspired by the amazing Anna_Malinko

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