понеделник, 30 януари 2012 г.

Day 7 - black and white nails !!!

        Hello beautiful ladies!
   In this cold but sunny day I'l show you my Day 7 mani - the black and white one..This challenge combo is maybe the most scary one for me.I don't have much experience with this combo but what the hell - LET'S do it  .....
  These are the polishes I've used this time - not all of them but the basic.The Essence Make me holo 01 is such a treasure-you'll see how it changes the main color of the polish.I used it over my black Moda Matte  and the result is pretty cool-look at my pinky :).....
This time pictures will speak instead of me:
           Thanks for watching and hope you like what you see :))))  

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