вторник, 8 май 2012 г.

By the blue !!!!

Still here and still posting...for my own pleasure..lol..
Nice to see some of you guys had checked my posts these days....muah muah...love ya !!
As you can see I'm in a blue-teal-green mood lately..It's strange for me cause I've always been a red colour lover.But as someone somewhere said - people change.
Let's go straight to the pics...
  Amazing blue shades,ah?...I'm soooo happy!!!Maybe I should tell you who the hell are these beauties ....sooo:
L'oreal Rebel blue from L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Mini Nail Polish Collection - amazing blue shade with a bit of violet and some subtle shimmer....just adorable.
Golden rose Chameleon effect # 40 - really cool multichrome,it changes between blue,green and violet 
And of course - Gosh Raibow for the tips - need no comment....
Enjoy and have a great day....

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