сряда, 9 май 2012 г.

Red alert !!!!

Hello ladies!
Yesterday a great idea kicked my mind - why not to create my own challenge?....So I sit and tought for a while and then it came - RED NAILS CHALLENGE /you know I loooove red/!!!!Once a week I'll show you one red shade or finish.If anyone is interested in this please let me know so I can be able to place your post along with mine.Now I think it could be awesome to turn this challenge to something like the Twinsie Friday on PolishAmor ....So if anyone likes my idea I'll be happy to become a polish twin lol....And here are the future challenge days:
1.Red cream - your favorite shade of red in creamy finish - here
2.Red jelly - put your beloved jelly - here
3.Red matte - your favorite shade of matte red - here
4.Red shimmer - fav shade of red with satin,pearl or shimmer finish - here
5.Red glitter - choose your fav red with any kind of glitter particles - here
6.Red crackle - use red crackle polish on anything you want - here
7.Red with white - amaze the world with something made with both of these colours - here
8.Red with black - oooh,I can't wait for this day - this is my favorite combo for everything:)) - here
9.Red with colour - any colour you want to make the red stand out - here
10.Red gradient - sponge your nails with your loving reds - here
11.Red ombre - red to black ombre or red to any colour you like - here
12.Red water marble - mmmm,this sounds great,ah? - here
13.Red surpise - free hand,stamping,water decals - anything you like - here
Sooo that's all..I think to start at Sunday 13th of May....
See ya.....

4 коментара:

  1. what an awesome challenge, can't wait to see your post ... :)

  2. страхотна идея
    чакам маникюрите ти (винаги са толкова готини)

    1. Благодаря ти,Лепи!!Ще гледам да съм стриктна този път,че с предното предизвикателство малко се поизложих откъм време :(....