понеделник, 9 юли 2012 г.

Red challenge - Kimmy's goin' to The Show !!!!

Hello lovelies,
You are amazing,polished ladies - oh,yeah,you who love polishes and do not feel strange to admit it :)....Love you!!!!
Few days ago I went out for a cup of coffee with three gorgeous ladies all addicted to nail polishes like me.It was such a wonderful evening,I had a  great time and want to say a big THANK YOU,GIRLS!!!
All of them have nail polish blogs and I promise you'll find some truly amazing stuff there:
The queen of nail art - Radi - It's all about nails
The style princess  - Uleto - Sparkle in your dreams
And of course the lovely candy lady  - Kuki - Loveconfetti
It was such a pleasure to talk and laugh with these girls.And of course to see some of my most wanted polishes in real.And the best part - the girls gave me the chance to take some of the treasures home and  try them on my nails...I was in heaven,guys.....
First beauties I want to show you - Zoya Kimmy vs. O.P.I. The show must go on with a touch of Essence Make it golden/sorry,the little gypsy showed itself again lol/
Sooo,for today - the next challenge day - red with a color.
Lots of ideas,lots of color combos,lots of wondering....and at the end of the day it came - red and gold - classic..I think....Only wondering if gold is a colour?..What do you think?...
Zoya Kimmy - thank you , polish fairy :)))
 O.P.I. The show must go on
And the golden effect:
It works indeed..The  red really stands out on the golden effect..
Hope you like the result,ladies and gents...
See ya soon with the next most wanted polish...

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  1. хехе това не го бях видяла- "The queen of nail art" - хиляди благодарности за комплимента!!! Много яки определения си ни барнала и на трите, Миме! :*