петък, 19 април 2013 г.

X-rays in the dark...with Sinful Colors Daddy's girl and Max Factor Fantasy fire!!

Maybe I should say '..in the sun...' ....
But first of all - Gooood morning,world!!!!Take your cup of coffee and sit your cute butts down.
Let's start -
Daddy's girl....Wow.
One lovely lady I met few months ago sent me this gorgeousness as a part of the swap we've made.What can I say?Kelly,hunny,thanks again!!!You are such a treasure!!!
Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl - deep violet jelly with tons of golden particles...I'm speechless.Just love it.The polish.And the name.Stunning.Daddy's girls looking like this are dangerous....Guys,you should be careful with them.
Because of the sun outside I make some X-rays with my lovely Essence Make me holo.Also as you can see there are a couple of tips touched with Fantasy fire/more about this beauty by Max Factor - very soon/.
So that's it - waiting for the night,Daddy's girl is ready for a hunt time...
Sinful Colors Daddy's girl and Max Factor Fantasy fire

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