сряда, 2 октомври 2013 г.

Royal Blue Aquarelle with Essence Hard to resist and H&M Lady Luck !!!!

Good evening,lovelies...
Do you like it to be strong?
Do you like it to be intense?
Do you like it to be blue?
You do?
Me too.
I'm talking about nail polish....just to get things clear.
No matter I'm such a red color lover time to time I'm getting deep into the blue,desperately need to see it on my nails.It's kind of a micro obsession I think.In moments like this I just can't enjoy playing with other colors...Everything inside me screams for blue.
It's 'Hard to resist' to this calling....
You should call 'Lady Luck' to gives a hand and makes you happy.
Than everything should be alright.
It's strong,intense and blue.
You like it?
I definitely do.
Used - 
Essence Color&go 76 Hard to resist
H&M Nail polish Lady Luck
acrylic paints
fine brush
flat brush

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