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Meet Manhattan - guest star Chen Yu 213 - part 2 !!!!

Manhattan is here again but this time with a company  - ChenYu Vernis Glamour.This is the secondd part of my review for Taota company and I'm very excited cause these beauties you'll see at the photos down bellow are simply amazing...
Chen Yu Vernis Glamour 213 - 
Breath-taking fuchsia pink in creme finish...so smooth and opaque that I'm thinking 'Where the heck have you been till now,Mr.Yu?'.When I got the package with the samples and opened it the first thing crossed my mind was 'We know each other,right?....' and when I got home I saw his twin brother on my polish rack - number 113.What's the difference betwen them two you'll ask,my lovelies....To be honest except the caps I just can't tell...It's a matter of under-under-tones maybe...Both can take your heart and throw it away without a doubt and believe me you will beg for more.
If you already have start begging for more here it is - Manhattan and Playboy Super Nails 02 Glitter Champion
Gentle glitters in fuchsia and bright blue are hugging subtle silver ones in a tear clear base.Nothing so impressive or unseen but still cute and sparkling beautiful.You deffinitely should have a base color before putting this cutie on your nails cause it's a bit sheer...
What can I say more?
I was expecting something more spectacular ...Don't get me wrong,guys,I like both of the polishes..Just have to admit my eyes,mind,nails and heart are waiting for something special,new,different and interesting and I hope I'll find it soon.
Now let's see Taota team - 
 *Products sent for review.
**Also used China Glaze Dorothy Who?

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