понеделник, 16 декември 2013 г.

Red Frog's roses with Nubar,Revlon and Gabrini !!!!

You know how much I like roses right?If you don't now is the time to tell I do...A lot.Most of all I like them yellow but as a red lover I just can't resist the red ones.Roses are so inspirational for nail art cause once you've master the technique there's no such pleasure as drawing gorgeous roses on your nails.Maybe I should make a tutorial some day....But now I can only show you the last roses I've made as a part of a mixed up mani with my favorite colors of course....Enjoy and as I've told you before - shine,my lovelies....
Here you can see the mani in different types of light.It's just amazing how light changes the colors...Simply amazing.
Used - 
Nubar Burgundy glitter
Gabrini 330 - classic red creme
Revlon Smoky Canvas - smoked grey-ish nude 
acrylic paints
fine brush
scotch tape

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