петък, 13 юни 2014 г.

Winter Roses with Nubar !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
For today's sunny morning I have a little flash-back from the winter...
Yes,some of the manis I'll show in the next few posts were made back in the winter but as you have already understood someone here feels NO inspiration for writing about nails lately....Don't worry.I'll find this un-inspired person and will punch the right amount of inspiration at the right place.Just kiddin'.
On to the mani please.
You know the love story between me and the roses.But when there's also some glitter around....well,things are getting different.It's not just love.It's an obsession.
Enjoy and shine.
Used - 
-Nubar G111 Burgundy glitter
-Flormar Supershine 48 for the roses
-Gabrini Multivitamin N18 - base color for the roses
-Perfect K23 for the roses
-Perfect S13 and S13 to add some flakes around 
-fine brush

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