петък, 22 август 2014 г.

Why-te Not To Gold The Stilettos?

Hello,my lovelies...
Take your coffee cup closer and lets start the day together - me,you and the stilettos.
I'm happy with the new shape of my nails.It was time for a change and what better way to do this -  just grabbed the nail file and enjoyed the 'only me and my nails' moments.
Stilettos are my new black.And I was thinking of white and gold.The design came alive nail by nail.It was one of the rare moments when I really didn't have any idea what and how my nails should look like.And Bang.Nail by Nail.Gold on White.
Why-te Not?
Golden Rose Rich Color 76
Zoya Gilty
Golden Lady 62
OPI Golden Eye
transfer foil for the cross

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