четвъртък, 30 октомври 2014 г.

Awesome Couples vol.3 - double edition !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
Tonight I wanna show you four of my all time favorites as a part of the Awesome Couples Series I've started here few months ago.
My passion for red and purple/violet/ is almost an obsession - these strong intensive colors are on the top of my personal palette.Forgive me if you see them more often here.
What we have - 
*Perfect Sand Lacquer S63 - vibrant,deep and ultra sexy purple shade and gorgeous sand finish - what else should I ask for?Click here to see more.
*Gabrini Multivitamin 330 - pretty dark red creme with a hint of raspberry in it,glossy finish - pure perfection.One of my favorite red shades.
*Perfect Sand Lacquer S52 - red of course,bloody stunning red,fine sand finish - a true love in a bottle.For more here and here.
*Gabrini Multivitamin N18 - dark violet creme,almost black,a bit sheer but so damn beautiful in three thin coats.Simply breath-taking.
Two gorgeous...ugh,I use this word more than it's normal....yes,gorgeous couples to make the night more pleasent and beautiful.Enjoy the evening,lovelies,and the photos of course.....
            Enjoy and shine,my lovelies,
                               Your Red frog

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