сряда, 19 ноември 2014 г.

Draft Series:Abstract Thunders - matte black&acrylic paints !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
The next of the draft posts is here tonight.I'm keeping on to the shedule...for now I guess.
This mani came few months ago in one empty of inspiration night.Me - tired.Bed - warm.Nails - clean and clear.Head - blank.
At moments like this I grab my black matte polish and few bottles of acrylic paints along with my fine brush.The result is not always something to be proud of but who cares.To do my nails without any scheme of the design is not very typical for me.I like it to be planned or at least sketched.It's kind of obsession to make tons of sketches for my future manis.So believe me when I say - it's not me if there's no plan or scheme around.That's way I'm  so happy when the result is pretty nice even without the planning part.
All yours,
Red Frog

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