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Sponge,Stamp and Love with Bornprettystore BP 21 !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
Sunday afternoon is always lazy and sleepy for me.I'd like to spend it mostly in bed with a book and a hot cup of coffee or something beside me.Reading is not always possible because my little daughter is not a huge fan of 'reading-sleeping' version of me...Well,3rd grade is not that 'little' anymore if you ask her but of course that's another story.So,I like my Sunday afternoons.I was thinking that one will be the same but something made  it different - one single thought and all my plans went in a different direction.
Yesterday I've recieved a package from BornPrettyStore.The stamping plate inside was calling me.Till know I have only one attempt with stamping and I don't even remember was it good or not.It was so long ago.So the decision was made - I'll do my nails and then I'll get back to my Sunday schedule.BornPrettyStore's plate - BP 21 - deserves a part of my nap time  for sure.
Don't forget to take a look at BornPrettyStore's 'stamping nail' section .I'm sure you'll find more then you've expected.
My nails were ready for stamping.Yesterday I've made my first pretty good looking gradient with a make up sponge.

The dark vampy colors I've used were screaming to put some gold or copper around them.A full nail stamping with gold sounds really nice to me.I thought it would be easy....But for an amateur in stamping like me there's no such thing as easy stamping.No full nail stamped as you can see - only few sections of the choosen part of the stamping plate.Maybe next time it would be better who knows... with more practice...
Now let's take a look at the photos.I'm pretty satisfied with the result - the stamped image became more chaotic then I prefer but that makes the design more interesting,looks kind of egyptian ...At least I'd like it to be that way...Enjoy it,lovelies....
Final thoughts - BornPrettyStore' stamping plates have gorgeous designs for sure.The only thing I would change in my future stamping attempts will be the size of my stamper.My nails are quite too long for the stamper I have and there's no way to transfer a full nail design with it.
Used - 
Golden rose Rich Color 23
Essence Color&go 155 Red Ahead
Flormar 313 Black Minimalism
for the stamping - 
Golden rose Chameleon 33
Desert rose 62
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Now I know Sunday afternoon can be pleasant even without the bed'n'book part....On the other hand my nails are ready and I still have time to take a nap...
All yours,
Red Frog

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