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Draft Series:Behind The Thorns with Pastel,Perfect and Flormar !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
A little time off the 'draft box' series I've started while ago.
This is my latest mani and if the photos were better I maybe would be able to say 'Well done with this mani,dear!'.But I can't help it - the lousy photos always ruin the full satisfaction.I have hundreds of better photos in my drafts but only these three for today's post.I hope you will forgive me,guys...Let's say it that way - even behind the worst photos can stay something that worths to be seen.
What we have - 
- gorgeous color combo - light creme brulee,midnight blue with subttle shimmer and true minimalistic black - you,little color-matching devil - thank you!
- great design idea - saran wrap to create a smoke-like effect to compliments the rose's thorns in the front
- glossy gloss top coat to pop out the design better.
Used - 
Pastel 11 - one of the most beautiful blues in my collection - deep,rich and filled with breath-taking micro subttle teal shimmer/sadly this shimmer can be seen mostly in the bottle/
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526 - my latest love - gorgeous light creme brulee shade,the best base color for all kinds and types of colors,design and effects.Also looks magnificient by itself
Flormar 313 Black Minimalism - classic black creme - my first Flormar polish with own name on it
black acrylic paint,fine brush and shaky right hand.
Thank you for your patience,my lovelies....
All yours,
Red Frog
*dedicated to the most amazing devil with an angel soul - always right for the right colors for the right design

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