вторник, 13 януари 2015 г.

No Negativity with Zoya Dree !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
After all those lazy days around Christmas now it's time to get back into the reality.Won't bothering you with my daily thoughts and problems because this blog is my runaway place and I want to keep it clean and innocent of all the daily dirt.This little spot of beauty should stay away from the negative tone.That's what I'm thinking about lately - about the need to be positive,to make more things close to my heart.No negative thoughts,no poor thinking.The only negative thing allowed here is the negative space in the mani I want to show you today.
Negative space trend at nail art is not something new or unseen.Lots of great examples of creativity can easy be found around the web.So few weeks ago I thought why not to give it a try?Few ideas,a number of scatches,couple of weeks and here we are - my very first negative space mani.
 It was fun.It turned out pretty well I think.Me like it.You,my lovelies?Do you like the negative space trend?Have you tried it?
Used - 
Zoya Dree 
Essence Sparkle Sand Top Coat
black acrylic paint,fine brush

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