четвъртък, 21 май 2015 г.

Antique touch with Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Today I have something very special to show you. I'm really happy how this mani turn out and will be even more happy if you, my lovelies like it too.
Born Pretty Store made my day again with the extremely gorgeous 3D nail art stickers you can see on my nails. As we all know your Red Frog really loves gold. So when I saw these babies on the store there was no doubt I should have them on my nails - aspecially the diamand shaped one. Now when I have them in my hands I can say: 'You, my dear,was absolutely right to want them!' - just look how gorgeous they look on nails! Well, I have to admit there was a little dissapointment, just a little. Because of my nail curves the placement of the larger ones is difficult. But with some more patience it's not impossible.
Hope you'll enjoy.
Now let's see how my nails look after two days at work - some visible tips, a bit chipped stickers but nothing really really terrible. In fact I think they look just fine.
 Here is a quick way to find your own sheet of stickers - click.
More interesting 3D stickers can be found at Born Pretty Store - click click.
The store ships worldwide and completely free! Don't forget to use the coupon code - TM2X31!
Used - 
Golden rose Color Expert 93
Golden rose Galaxy 02

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