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Dress My Nails vol.1/2 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
While ago I've decided to find the more feminine Red Frog who's usually hiding somewhere deep bellow the surfice. The first step has been made with one simple decision - more dresses in my wardrobe. The decision came as a result of an email from Dresslink store with an offer for cooperation.
Than came the idea about a brand new themed series - DressMyNails - nail art series inspired by fabric patterns, clothes' design and etc. The intro post is in a click away here.  And just because I'm a little shy kind of a frog I'll start the new series by showing my nails only. Just because I still haven't got the balls to show Red Frog in her full beauty here. Step by step, please. First some 'nails only' photos and after a while I'll make some shots with the new more feminine look - promise you, lovelies.
Back to the nails, please. 
 Here is a shot of my inspiration and if I may say - Hello, my new gorgeous dress!
First - the dress is not black and white! It's better - deep dark shades of blue on cotton like white colored stretch fabric. 
Second - for the mani I've add a touch of pearl shine over my white with Golden rose Rich color 101 
Third -  a double stamping with two holographic polishes over the pearly white base - A-England Tristam and Depend Holographic 2032. I've made a double stamping because I wanted to recreate the subtle bleached effect of the fabric's pattern.
More photos, please.
 Gorgeous, ah?
I just can't wait to put this beauty on me and go out for a drink with some friends or who knows - maybe on a date? For now only my little princess, my oldy doggy and my petite mouse have got the pleasure to see me dressed it that Dress. My New Dress. Some of them like it - some didn't. I'll let it to you to figure out who did.
So that's all for the first round of #DressMyNailsSeries.
Take a look at Dresslink Store - there are tons of awesome dresses and lot more to discover. You can use the 10% OFF coupon code Blog15
 to save few bucks for some nail art stuff.

Used - 
A-England Tristam
Depend Holographic 2032
Born Pretty Store BP-L020
Golden rose Rich Color 101
 All yours,
Red Frog with dressed nails

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