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Titania - 65 years of care !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….
How was your weekend? I have finally got all the sleeping time I've needed lately.
Today’s post will be a bit different – no nails, no polishes, no decorations. The theme is the Care.
Yes, all starts with the care. Of everything. From our nails to our beloved ones. If we don’t care enough for each other we’ll lose part of our human identity. My opinion…. If we don’t give the relevant care to our nails, skin, hair, body and soul they wouldn’t be able to work properly for our self confidence. It’s simple. If we want them to look good we should help them look that way.   
When it’s up to nail care products especially nail files and stuff I have a favorite brand – Titania. I always have at least three files at home and can’t remember when was the last time when I bought my first Titania file. But let me tell you what’s the real reason for me to write about Titania. This year Titania brand turn 65 years! And in order to celebrate this anniversary the lovely PR of Dodis Ltd. has sent me few products to try on.   
Let’s see what we have.
Pumice sponge 3000/1 – delicate and tender for nice and smooth foot skin. You don’t need to be nasty with your feet because this gentle sponge will do all the work – removes the rough dry skin and leave you with extra soft baby like heels and toes.
S - shaped nail file for heels - at first I was a bit confused about how comfortable will be this file. The grit is excellent, as rough as my heels like it. I'm really impressed. Titania, guys, you rock! It's a piece of cake to make a few moves and get babie like heels.
Solingen Tweezers - one of girls' best friends. "High-gloss nickel-plated, ensuring a firm grip due to precision cut gripper edges." What else to say? There's no hair that could escape from that kind of precision.
There's more to say about these three products, don't doubt it. But in my opinion it's better to test them in person. I'm sure you won't regret it.
Happy birthday, Titania! Keep on with the good work.
Take care.

All yours,
Red Frog

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