вторник, 11 август 2015 г.

Wows by Golden Rose !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Yeah, I know it's late at night and most of the normal people are in bed or at a bar or just enjoy themselves somewhere else but not here at the blog. But I can't wait. Why so? I'm wow-ed. Yes, that's right. Truly deeply madly wow-ed. 
Couple of days ago I've posted a few of the newest babies in my collection - my first picks from Golden rose Wow Collection - on my Instagram. By the way if you want to keep in touch with me click click click - #redfrogscorner
So, back to the main theme - Wow polishes.
 I'm impressed! And the most important - I'm impressed of the light shades. I was completely sure I'll have to put at least yhree coats of each of the light ones. But no no no. The three little ones need just two normal coat to reach full opacity. Indeed. It's such a pleasure to polish your nails with them - creamy texture, great pigmentation and pretty good drying time. All three of them are in two coats on the photos. Only the juicy vampy purple was in despearate need for an extra coat just to even the color. But what a color! I'm in permanent hunger for this type of colors - rich, deep, bold and really really sexy. I'm in love! I love them all. And just can't wait to take home more of these wows.
Wow. Golden rose Wow.
 So that's all from me and my Wows. Hope you enjoy these few minutes with us.
Used - 
Golden rose Wow 12 - light creamy pink with a hint of beige
Golden rose Wow 13 - really sophisticated light violet with strong grey undertone
Golden rose Wow 81 - deep rich vampy purple
Golden rose Wow 92 - tender nude shade with fresh peachy hue
golden transfer foil
silver transfer foil 
All yours,
Red Wow Frog

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  1. Wow indeed! I love those polishes. And, wow, your nails!!! They are fabulous! I love everything about them. The placement of the foils and the care you took to get them there - I salute you! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Lara, dear, you so sweet!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words!