неделя, 20 септември 2015 г.

Chilli peppers with Dermacol Yellow pixel !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Few weeks ago I've noticed a couple of red chilli peppers hanging at the polish rack at my favorite beauty salon. They looked so bright next to all the polishes around them and believe it or not - they looked really felicitious there. The inspiration was there. And the best of all - I was completely sure about which polish I will use to make my peppers more spicy.
My Yellow pixel arrived from parfimo.bg in a well packed box for less than a couple of days. I was quite surprised it was a mini bottle but the size here is not what matters. The main was inside the cute bottle - yellow tinted base full of different shaped glitter particles in white, yellow and bright chilli red. 
 As you, my lovelies can see from photos this baby looks gorgeous both over black and white. The yellow tinted base turns the white creme polish into light lemon shade. The effect it's even better when it's over a dark color as black. The consistence is a bit dense but with more practice and the right skills  it's not that hard to catch enough glitters with the brush.
There are 10 or more different glitter combinations in the collection Nail polish with effect and they all deserve attention. 
Hope you'll enjoy this spicy mani... I think it's one of my favorites from the last few months.
See ya soon, my lovelies....
Used - 
Dermacol 06 Yellow pixel
Flormar 313 Black Minimalism
Brooklin 3 
acrylic paint, fine brush
All yours,
Red Frog 

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