неделя, 8 ноември 2015 г.

#DressMyNails with Landybridal vol.2 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Again it's time to inspire all the future brides outside with some gorgeous dresses from Landybridal and of course - some nail art for those dresses.
 Maybe because of the cold weather outside maybe because of the becoming winter I'm thinking of  Ice Queen themed wedding this time. And not just a decent winter-y wedding no, no, no - I'm thinking about a vintage one with some extra mystique touch. Why so? I've been inspired. I've been inspired a Lot.
 So glamorous and feminine these vintage lace wedding dresses are. All the rich fabrics and smooth silhouette lines will turn every woman into one of a kind queen at that most important day in her life. Every single one of you, my lovelies, deserves to look that stunning from head to toes to those ten perfect polished nails of yours. 
If anyone has told me I would be so in love with theses #DressMyNails series I probably won't believe it. But now few posts later I'm beyond excitement every time I start to paint my nails. It's great to go outside your comfort zone and try something different. And believe me all the feminine elegant designs I've made for this series are way out of my zone of comfort. Just look at all the wedding dresses 2016 that inspire me and tell me how not to take the step out?
Let's see.
 I'm satisfied a lot. And to be honest it was quite hard to decide to take this one off. It was a great pleasure to wear this mani.
If you're curious about some other designs and dresses go and take a look at Landybridal - there are huge number of art pieces for such important occasions as weddings, homecomings and so. Also there is a sale that can put some more excitement in - 
That's all from me today.
Don't wait any longer - go and find the perfect dress for your wedding, lovelies....Landybridal definitely has it.
 Used - 
A-England Excalibur
Golden rose Holiday 51
acrylic paint, fine brush

All yous,
Red Frog


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