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Favorite Nudes vol.4 - Perfect Sand Lacquer and Catherine Arley !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….

It’s time for the next couple of my favorite nude polishes - Perfect Sand Lacquer S67 and Catherine Arley 32. You’ve seen them few days ago along with the cute black and white dotted rhinestones from Born Pretty Store – click here to take a look again if you’re interested. What can I say about these guys here? They are just perfect for each other. The different finishes compliments one another in really delicate way. The color shades are more on the dark nude side but definitely look gorgeous on all skin types. If your skin is more yellow-ish like mine these two give a warmer look to the hands. Oh, I can continue with more and more blah blah but think that photos are better than words.

Yeah, I know – it’s just perfection. The sand finish gives a hint of playful feeling to the mani. Catherine Arley 32 is almost a crelly type of polish but two generous coats can make a nice even and very opaque look. It dries pretty fast with nothing special like super glossy own finish so I’ve thought it’s better to put a layer of Seche Vite/I just don’t like to wait/. Perfect Sand Lacquer S67 has a very tasty caramel look or it’s just me a bit hungry for something sweet. It’s quite opaque in just two coats and the drying time is a dream. The sand  finish is not too gritty and it has very tender subtle shimmer inside it.
So that’s all for tonight. Sweet dreams, lovelies….

All yours,
Red Frog

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