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Rectangle Nail Decorations from Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….

How are you, dears? I’m pretty tired after the long day at the office and all the tasks I had to do after work but now I’m sitting here with you and finally feel a bit relaxed. Hope I’m finding you in a mood for some nail art decorations from Born Pretty Store. Also I’m hoping things are fine with you…. Lovely people deserve lovely things around.

Sooo, tonight I want to show another one of my latest decorations brought to me by Born Pretty Store – Alice, dear, you are the best!!! What we have here?

Look at those ultra thin golden plated rectangles – how can something so simple and little be so elegant and beautiful? Those little pieces of metal turns even the most ordinary nail art into something sophisticated and quite fascinating. I really like the unique look they give to my nails. When I think about how hard was to choose among all the beauties at the New Arrivals section at Born Pretty Store I’m really glad I choose these …. Take a look at the store, lovelies, you won’t regret it. 
If only the weather outside was a bit better my photos would give more justice to this mani… I guess the time for a light box is definitely coming. But that’s another story.

When I was making the sketches about this mani the color palette was chosen but the graphic idea was missing. Then one evening while I was watching tv with my daughter I’ve passed through Nat Geo and Bang! it came! The logo of all National Geographic channel variations was my inspiration… Yeah, I know this sounds weird. What can I do? As you know inspiration is hiding all around us – we just have to find it. And if you find yours around – grab it and use it.

Don’t forget BPS offers free shipping to all orders and there are always tons of items on sale even if you decide not to use a coupon code with your order. In case you need one here you go – TM2X31!

Used –
OPI Golden eye
Golden rose Rich color 119 - amazing chocolate brown with gorgeous but subtle golden micro particles inside
striping tape

All yours,
Red Frog


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