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Golden Rose Prodigy Gel Duo !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
In this early morning it's probably a better idea to be still in bed sleeping than here writing but I cant help it.... I just don't want to pass another day without a blog post. Hope your coffee is still hot and next to you and you are in a mood for pale non decorated nails. As I've promised you in the last post today I'm going to tell you a bit more about one of the latest limited edition lines by Golden rose - Prodigy Gel Duo.
The line came in 22 basic creme polishes in a nice variety of shades and every color is packed with its own bottle of topcoat. Both color and top coat do not need any kind of lamp and GR promises 7 days lasting shine. If you follow the instructions for applying you'll get a decent manicure with almost all the gel polishes can give - shine, even coverage and of course durability. Well, hope you won't expect the durability will be the same as with the real gel polish but don't worry - I've took off my Prodigy after 5 days wearing without any remarkable damages.
 Golden rose Prodigy Gel Duo 04
I've choose a nice light dusty pink with a bit of violet in it for my first try. Even in such a light shade the polish is well pigmented and makes an even and smooth covering. The photos do not represent the real color, sorry for that. It's a bit more pink in real.
So, after all this gel like set definitely worth the trying and I'll probably get few more shades home with me.
Till next time, lovelies.

All yours,
Red Frog

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