четвъртък, 19 ноември 2015 г.

3D Nail art - round one !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Today I have a story for you - a story about one red frog playing with acrylic powder. This story is a bit boring because this little red frog is an absolute amateur in the world of acrylic powder for nail art but who cares? The little/or not so little/ frog is too curious and loves to try new and different types of nail art for her claws. Yes, the frog I'm talking about has long pointy claws and doesn't afraid to experiment with them. 
So, imagine one red frog, little pot full with acrylic powder, a tiny fine brush and let the game begin. 
My first attempt in 3D nail art.
Hm. It's hard to give a name to such an awkward odd creation. Those bulbs on my pinkie were supposed to be a rose. Yeah, I know. It's more like a strange symptom of a tropical disease. I'm still too clumsy with the brush and the acrylic powder but that doesn't  discourage me. No, I am inspired. I won't leave that pot of powder alone. I'll make that rose some day. Till then  you, my lovelies, will have the chance to see all the 'strange' results here.
Be creative and have fun. That's what is matters.

Used - 
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish S117 - stunning crelly magenta red loaded with tons of little black hex glitters in various sizes
Wing Dust Waking Dream - dreamy blackened purple base with crelly finish and amazing variety of glitters in circle, star, bar and hex shapes in silver, red and gold
Perfect polish - deep magenta with lovely subtle blue to violet shimmer from the old line of the brand with no number on the bottle 
acrylic powder and fine brush for creating the strange thing on my pinkie  

All yours,
Red Frog 

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