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Thorns and roses on Flormar Full Color Grass Juice !!!!

  Hello, my lovelies....
  While ago I've made my first attempt in DIY stamped decals - the post with them is here. Because of the mistake I've made with that first decal it was a matter of time for me to make a new one. What was my mistake? I've placed the decal in the wrong direction - the back side was the visible one - and of course I've noticed that after putting all the generous coats of Seche Vite to create a smooth surface. No matter all the mani was a nice one so nothing to be sorry for. This time I've decided to make my roses yellow - my favorite among all roses types. Again I've used my BP-L020 for the decal. 
  The base color is from the new Flormar polish line - Full Color FC22 Grass Juice - one of the most interesting lime/or not so lime/ greens in my stash. It's a really nice polish to work with - the creme finish is smooth and even after two coats, the drying time is quite satisfying and the color shade is so beautiful. 
  I've bought this buddy along with few other polishes couple of weeks ago and now I'm sure I'll get some more colors of the Full Color line. One of the other bottles I'd took home with Grass Juice is a strange topper by Perfect brand that looks really interesting in the bottle. I've used it here to complement my thorns. I can only say - there's no such torn in my as$ like this one here. This polish brings the worst out of me with its awful application. But, thanks G there is a But here, but the final result is good. 
  My yellow roses and the Grass Juice. A nice one I think.
 Used - 
Flormar Full Color FC22 Grass Juice - stunning lime-grass green with great pigmentation
Perfect Gel Look 556 - irregular feather like pieces in yellow, orange and blue in clear base
Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-LO20
Born Pretty Store stamping polish in black
acrylic paint, fine brush Kolinsky 000
Seche Vite Fast dry top coat

All yours,
Red Frog

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