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Orly Cupcakes and Unicorns !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Let's get back in 2012 when Orly has released their Flash Glam Effects collection. Sad but true I wasn't able to put my hands on any of the gorgeous glitters and till now I really have forgotten about them. But. When your little/or not so/ daughter is in her unicorns-for-ever phase things are getting different. It's the moment for you to find all things Unicorn that can be found. My moment is now.
After searching for all sort of stuff related to those lovely colorful fantasy horses I've found Orly's Cupcakes and Unicorns! Set-Match! Not only the kid is delighted, the mom is satisfied too. And when there are unicorn and cosmetics in one sentence - well, the better the best.
I've found our Unicorn at one of my favorite online stores for all kinds of cosmetics parfimo.bg and few breaths after - here we go! Claws are dressed in fantastic shimmery dust full of gorgeous pink glass flakes and loaded with red bar glitter. I've thought it would be nice to show it both over white and black base colors in order to see the stunning duochrome effect better. Definitely it works better on black... The application is a bit tricky because of the bar glitter particles but it layers pretty well. The polish dries pretty matte but a nice thick layer of your favorite top coat will turn it into the perfect fairy tale jewel.
Now the claws are ready for chasing the rainbow.....
Used -
Orly Cupcakes and Unicorns
Essence The Gel Black is back
Essence The Gel Wild White Ways

All yours,
Red Frog 

*Product kindly sent for review. All opinions are personal.

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