петък, 5 август 2016 г.

Hot tropical nail art !!!!

 Hello, my lovelies....
 It's Friday and I'm few hours away for my second vacation for this summer. So, I won't bother you with too much talking and just going to show how the claws are dressed. 
 What we have?
 I've choose some bright pink and blackest black in my stash to create a bold design to compliment the hot weather outside. Orly La Vida Loca was the perfect decision in my opinion. And when you add some white and purple to the picture everything ends perfect.
Enjoy and have fun, lovelies!
Used - 
Orly La Vida Loca
Essence The Gel Black is back
Essence The Gel Wild White Ways
Golden rose Ice Chic 52
Born Pretty Store silver studs
black acrylic paint

All yours,
Red Frog

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