понеделник, 19 септември 2016 г.

#WhenColorsCollide vol.2 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Day or few ago I've noticed I haven't posted here my second entry for #whencolorscollide collage. The theme was red, black and purple and I just can't believe how the heck it's possible to forget something like this.... 
 The thumb is my favorite. It's been a while since I've been sorry for removing anything from the claws. Most of the times I'm getting bored after the first day of wearing a certain design. But this time was different. The claws were happy to wear this black-red-purple outfit almost four days!
Don't forget to take a look at the group collage - 
Used - 
Essence Color&go Fame Fatal
Essence Color&go Passion for fashion
Essence The Gel Black is back

All yours,
Red Frog

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