четвъртък, 5 януари 2017 г.

Reindeers on the blue with Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
My stamping battles are continuing and there's no power on this earth or outside it that will stop me from getting better. I won't make resolutions but come on! too much time passed by since my first stamping attempt and I still can't get even close to the result that would be accepted as "pretty good". Ugh. 
Today I have a fantastic winter themed stamping plate to show you. My friends from Born Pretty Store were kind again to send me few of their newest products so here we are - BP-L018 and the claws. 
 I've used three of the designs on the plates but to be honest it was quite hard to choose -
I just love this reindeer head and the russian ornament - the images are so crisp and transfer onto the nail extremely easy. At the Stamping Nail section at the store  you can see all the new arrivals and believe me you won't be able to resist! I want all of the new plates! I want them now!

There are few more ideas on my mind and this plate will be featured again here really soon. Now if you let me I think to take a look at the New Arrivals at Born Pretty Store and you, my lovelies can join me.... Don't forget there's worldwide free shipping and tons of products on sale. 

Used - 
Born Pretty Store BP-L018
Flormar Supershine 46
Sally Hansen Gem crush Showgirl chic 
A-England Excalibur

All yours,
Red Frog

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