вторник, 10 януари 2017 г.

#WhenColoursCollide vol.11 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
The first #WhenColoursCollide group collage for this year is live since Sunday and it's definitely time to show you my solo shot. This time we've had to use only violet and lavender - nothing more, nothing less. I've had a bit different idea about how this design should look but at the end it was all about free hand drawing....
Hope you enjoy the photos... Something is going completely wrong with my camera lately but I'm working on the problem. I'm also trying to put my skin condition in order because at this moment it's just horrible.... So, 2017 - I'm coming with tons of tasks in my schedule so beware!

Used - 
P2 Pool Side Party 030 Violet Summerdream
Perfect Holographic H7
Flormar Supershine 46
Born Pretty Store BP-L052

All yours,
Red Frog

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