неделя, 17 март 2013 г.

Light as a feather with Revlon Smoky Canvas and CA 923 !!!

I'm looking at my nails and couldn't find myself there...It's just not me...Hm.
Too light.Too neutral.Too simple maybe.But I think I like it.Like it as much as to wear it maximum two days...lol...It looks pretty sad for this lovely sunny weather outside.As I told you while ago I already can smell the spring.So my eyes desperately need more fresh and bright colors...or some deep and strong ones..Why I wear this if I need something else?....
Because I've finally find new job and tomorrow is my first day at work after few months vacation.I was looking for something not so eye-catching for this first working day but now I'm thinking maybe it would be better if I was with something more 'me' on my nails...Just to feel more ....Me.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow....
 Revlon Smoky Canvas,Catherine Arley 923

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