четвъртък, 14 март 2013 г.

Vintage Polish Days !!!!

It's time for Polish Days!!Great theme,awesome designs and lot of fun for everyone who decide to join this event.The creator is Hannah aka Polly Polish  and that's how she describes her self - "a twenty-something part Australian, part English lady living in London. This blog serves as a justification for her vast and ever growing collection of nail polishes."
Hannah,sweetie,thank you!!!
So to the theme - 
" Maybe you’re one of those annoyingly lucky people who own some heavenly vintage polishes that you want to crack open (not literally) and make the rest of us jealous, or maybe you too have a soft spot for doilies. Perhaps you’re inspired by a particular decade or trend. As long as there’s some connection to the past it’ll fit right in with this months theme!"
My inspiration came from a photo I've found long ago searching for something different and sweet to recreate on my nails.It's made by Majsa Agi.
 I fall in love at the moment I saw her cute little girls and now I'm happy to share mine with you..
 My vintage lovelies:
 - Melly 52 - one of my oldest treasures.The most beautiful and opaque grey I have.
 - Ruby Rose 50 - also old but close to my heart,gorgeous light grey with subtle duochrome effect from blue to violet.Sadly I couldn't catch this beauty with my camera.
 - Essence Black and White 01 Make me holo - duochrome topcoat also in blue to violet shades.I put a coat of it over the Melly grey.Simply magnificient.  
Enjoy all this beauty down bellow....

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  1. Много добре си се справила, Миме. И един въпрос - ти да не си левичарка :-)

    1. Благодаря,Ив..Левичарка съм-да,а и напоследък ме домързява да рисувам на двете:))))

  2. Лелеее,страхотен маникюр!