понеделник, 26 януари 2015 г.

Kung-Fu Where? or Face The Panda !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
What I'm thinking lately? 
I need more colors.
I've look around myself and figured out there's too much of my beloved grey and its mates. I love my grey tones. And I really love all the other dark foggy shades but it's definitely time for something bright and even childish.It's not just about the colors. It's about the whole effect of the nail art. I've need something to make me smile, to make you smile. Even for a moment.
So after the bright sunny yellow skull from the previous post today I have something funny for you - my Kung-Fu Panda. This character has the most inspirational funny faces in the whole cartoon universe. And without any further talking let's see him. Let's face the Panda without the Kung-Fu!

 I took a shot of my left hand - no special nail art but I'm pretty satisfied with it. The sponged colors came out very vibrant and sunny. I like how easy was to make the clear tomato red nail an accent. OPI's Red my fortune cookie made the mani as playful as it is on my right hand even without any cartoons on the nails.
Used - 
OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
Golden rose Rich Color 48
Golden rose Rich Color 76
Perfect S114

Cute ah?
All yours,
Red Frog

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