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Draft Series:Skull Time with Golden Rose !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
I'm obsessed with skulls.
Really I've found it long ago but seems like it's time to admit it. There's no special reason for this obsession. No one knows when it started and I don't believe it will ends soon. But don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. No, not at all. Skulls always give me a great variaty of ideas when it comes to nail art. It's more than easy to use skulls when there's no other idea around. And they always look so  ... me.
As you can see from the photos I've made this mani few months ago /there's too much green around my hands/.Also my nails are sooo rounded.Too rounded for my current taste.But that's another story.The base color is Golden rose Rich Color 48 - bright sunny yellow with the most subttle shimmer in the world.Really, the gorgeous shimmer can be seen only in the bottle and Only if you know it's really there. But the color is awesome. As awesome is the coverage.For this mani I've used two normal coats - neither thin nor thick. The decoration is mostly with acrylics. Only my point finger has a coat of L'Oreal Confettis to compliment all the others.
Enjoy, my lovelies. It's Skull Time.
 Used - 
Golden Rose Rich Color 48
L'Oreal Color Riche 916 Confettis Top Coat
black and white acrylic paint,fine brush and dotting tool
Still obsessed but all yours,
Red Frog

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