понеделник, 9 февруари 2015 г.

Draft Series:Icecream On My Cupcakes with Kiko !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Snow? Again? Yes, I know it's still February but I think we've had enough cold weather for this season. This black and white outside is not that inspiring any more. Well, maybe the temperature outside can do something about the lack of inspiration. Just maybe...
I was looking outside the window, thinking about some snowy monochromatic landscape in black-grey-white on my nails  or just an abstract pattern in the same color combo. And nothing. No single mark of idea in my head. So sad. I even thought about simple  glossy white with some meatlic accent. No. My soul was begging me for more. If you, poor red reptile, can't creative something sweet and interesting at the moment please go and check what's left in the drafts. Ok, my soul. Listen and obey.
Look what I've found in the draft box - my pick from the sweet and lovely Kiko's Cupcakes. When I got these babies in my hands the first thought was - icecream. Big, rich, creamy icecream.
So, come on, my lovelies ... and my soul, feel welcome ... open your fridge, find the icecream, grab a spoon and enjoy the Cupcakes.
Now after all the icecream let's see what these babies inspired me to do -
Used - 
Kiko Cupcake 648, 651 and 654 
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526
acrylic paint and fine brush
Sweet enough, my soul?
All yours,
the poor red reptile

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  1. I have this collection! It's amazing!! Love the design

    Hope you can follow me back :)

  2. greetings from Polish. follow me http://modnatrzydziestka.blogspot.com/