сряда, 25 март 2015 г.

Djeep Series vol.9 with Barielle !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Djeep Series are back to life.
When I've figured out how long ago was the last post inspired of my Djeep lighters I tought it would be nice to choose more interesting lighter for the next post. And I was completely right about it! No matter the few hours I've spent to paint my nails the result is excellent... I'm really pleased with how this mani turn out.
First the base color - Barielle Aura Angora. This gorgeousness was in my wishlist for a very long time. Why so? The swatches around the web show it as a mustard yellow. I want a mustard yellow polish so bad. No reason why. Just want one. When my Barielle has arrived I've realized the color isn't even close to mustard yellow. Yes, I'm a bit dissapointed I guess. But the color in the bottle is really interesting so I don't feel sorry at all. So, when I've choose the lighter for this mani Aura Angora seemed like the perfect base color for it.
Now enjoy.

Used - 
Barielle Aura Angora
acrylic paints,fine brush
Djeep lighter
All yours,
Red Lightened Frog

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  1. еееее браво, уникален! <3

  2. Страхотно е! Цветовете, дизайна, начина по който изглежда :). Много ми харесва.

    1. И аз съм много доволна как се получи:)

  3. It’s such a great post! Awesome! I like your style of writing and your photos!
    I know how much time it requires to keep updating your blog, but don’t stop doing it!)

    Diana Cloudlet