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Born Pretty Store Nail art Pen !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….

     I really don’t know how to start this post. It’s not because I’m not satisfied with the final result. It’s not because I’m going to show you something you haven’t seen before. It’s just because for the first time I felt  disappointed from a nail art product.  Maybe it’s my fault – not enough practice, not enough skills, not enough patience…. I don’t know. It just didn’t work for me.

      I was really thrilled when I’ve received it . I thought it would be a great fun and probably a piece of cake to decorate my nails with this pen. I followed the instructions – shake, pump, draw – but…. Don’t like buts at all. I hate to see buts here.  But it wasn’t that easy. The liquid was too sheer and looked like a sour milk. The shake and pump exercise was really annoying/sorry/.  At the middle of all the work process the liquid just has stopped. When I shake it again nothing has happened – I wasn’t able to add even a single drop more on my nail. Another shake-pump work out and nothing. Ten minutes rest – nothing. Another try – nothing. Last chance - not me for sure.The pen probably doesn't like me. At all.
So, that’s it – great expectations and big disappointment. Sorry, Born Pretty, you know I’m a great fan of your products but this pen is not one of my favorite ones. I’ll be a good girl and will give one more chance to my nail art pen but not now. We both need a little more time to clear our differences.
Now let’s see the photos.

    As you can see, my lovelies, the final result is quite good. It’s because I’ve finished my rose with my fine brush and some white acrylic paint. All the rest is obvious – some stamping with Born Pretty Store BP-05, a few flat back acrylic pearls – again from the store and some holographic glitter for the thumb so he can feel special too.

If you, my lovelies, have any special tips and tricks for using that kind of nail art pens please let me know. I'm open to all suggestions.

Used - 
Manhattan Collection Summer Tunes
Nails Inc. Pricess Palace
Golden rose Rich Color 76 - for the stamping
Klean color 234 Chunky holo purple - on the thumb
All yours,
Red Sad Frog

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