вторник, 28 юли 2015 г.

#OMD3 - Day Twenty seven - Wings !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….
Sad but true I’m one day behind my schedule - #OMD3 Day 27 with its Wings theme was yesterday but your Red Frog didn’t make it…. My first tought was: Miss it, make the next mani! but those wing are under my skin for quite a while. I’ve wanted to make my wings a bit dark and grimly to accentuate on my base polish – the gorgeous Goth by Orly. Every time I use this baby I’m getting more and more in love with it. It would be perfect if only Goth was more durable. But this is not a problem because I change my nails’ clothes enough often.
Now let’s see the photos.
My fallen angel wings.
Used –
Orly Goth
Golden rose Galaxy 02
Transfer foil in silver
Acrylic paints and Mr.Kolinsky 001
And don’t forget to take a look at the gallery –

All yours,
Red Frog

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