понеделник, 15 юли 2013 г.

Pool Side Party !!!!

Good morning,sunshines!!
Still in bed?...Of course you're still in bed.There's nothing to hurry for in this lazy summer morning.The sun is slowly rising and gives colors  such a mystic shades,light and smoky.The air is kind of crystal especially around the water...
It's Monday?Already?....Ugh,work time for most of us.No sunshine,no crystal air,no sugar cocktails in the office.Back in reality.
But...This time is a good 'But'.
But I have something special for you to see just before taking the subway to your workplace.
Few days ago two lovely ladies announced fun summer nail art contest -  
Luchessa by Beauty Expression and the Polish Alcoholic gave us something to think about while enjoying those sweet colorful drinks around the pool.What's better than giving your nails a hot summer look?Find your perfect inspiration and go - you still have time till July 22!!!Here is my pool side party mani -
Full of color,full of patterns,full of summer heat - that's how I've imagine it.And that's how it turned out.I had lots of things on my mind while creating this design - the bright blue sparkling water,the dotted swimsuit of my little princess,the tropic flowers on all girls dresses,the full of joy Pina Colada on the table...And the summer.

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