петък, 16 декември 2016 г.

Free hand graphic leaves !!!!

    Hello, my lovelies....
  My posting schedule went out of order lately and I hope to be able to put things in order with the new year's begining. Looks like these 24 hours are not enough for my messed up program. Well, it's not the time and the place and you definitely don't have to listen about these things so let's keep on the nails stuff.
 Searching for new interesting ways for nail decoration is one of my favorite activities. I really enjoy trying different techniques and this time a simple office tool cross pass my sight - a black permanent marker. I've choose the most thinnest one I've found on my desk and let my imagination free. Let's see the result - 
 Up - indoor day lighting
Bellow - outdoor day light
 Hope you'll forgive me for the awful photos I'm showing you lately. I'm working on the problem and fingers crossed to be able to slve it soon. 
 Up - indoor day lighting
Bellow - outdoor day light
   As you can see the marker is pretty good for fine details, irregular forms and  probably if your hands can stand still better than mine it would be great even for straighter lines. The best part is that Mr. Seche Vote doesn't smear the image. I'll give this marker another chance and will try it for more geometric pattern. Stay tuned for the next permanent round...
Used - 
S-he 121/303
Flormar 427
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526
black permanent marker

All yours,
Red Frog

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